I Pour Life Texas aims to develop at-risk and homeless youth across North Texas to rewrite their futures, replacing labels of loneliness and hopelessness with community and opportunity.

Our Unique Approach

Through one-on-one and group meetings in local high schools, Life Coaches help youth discover their strengths, make plans for their future, and stand in the gap for at-risk youth. Life Coaches work alongside teachers, counselors, and administrative school staff to help every youth graduate high school and prepare for self-sufficient adulthood. When youth are paired with a Life Coach who invests in them, believes in them, and coaches them to become self sufficient, they are able to remove past labels, change the cycle of generational poverty and reliance on government subsidies and pursue their dreams.

You Can Make A Difference!!

There are over 10,000 homeless and at-risk youth in North Texas

Our Story

I Pour Life Texas launched in DISD in January 2019 to serve the thousands of youth across North Texas that are on track to drop out of school, become young adult offenders, have a teenage pregnancy, or stay dependent on government subsidies well into adulthood. The impact was life changing!

You Can help CHANGE our Community

Your donation puts Life Coaches, which are full-time paid positions in our schools to work with our youth on a weekly and as-needed basis...walking alongside and developing a relationship that they can trust and depend on, teaching them to rewrite their futures, be self-sufficient, and leave past labels behind, THRIVING TO REACH THEIR DREAMS.

Our plan is to scale to 20 Life Coaches by 2023, changing the lives of 3360 total youth over the next 5 years.

I Pour Life Texas News

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